Hoveringham Vintage Vehicle Rally  - Sunday 28th May 2017 Family Fun Dog Show kindly sponsored by Forrest Feeds of Edingley. RESULTS Pedigree Puppy (Under 12 months)      - Russell Crawford’s MAVIS Non- Pedigree Puppy (Under 12 months)   - Archie Chamberlain’s PASTY Any Variety Gundog   - James Carney’s BELLA.  Any Variety Terrier - Christopher Smith’s JACK Any Variety Pedigree (other than Gundog or Terrier)    -  Alison King’s STORM Any Variety other than Pedigree - Cathy Rodgers’ ELVIS Best Veteran (over 7 years) - Rachael Tyler’s TILLY Best Condition (Under 18”) -     Sue Coupe’s PEPPER Best Condition (18” and Over) - Lyndsey Elton’s CHARLIE Pride of Hoveringham  - Rachael Tyler’s TILLY Best ‘Designer’ Dog (Labradoodle, Cockerpoo, etc) – Hayley Smithies’ ELLA Best Rescue / re-home / pre-loved dog  Gemma Scott’s JUNO Best Child handler up to 9 years  - Seb with MABEL Best Child Handler aged 10 upwards - Georgia Nall with LILLY Best Pair of Dogs -         Andy Nichols with ROBBIE & RUBY ‘Little and Large’ Dogs - Russell and Sarah with MAVIS & BART Best 6 Legs - Chris Lambert & SPRITE Dog with the Waggiest Tail - Joanne Fawcett’s RUTH Best Trick - Michelle Halfpenny with Bertie Best Fancy Dress  - Lynsey Elton with CHARLIE (Zorro) Dog that the Judge would most like to take home  - Christopher Smith’s JADE
Thanks to our Sponsors Forrest Feeds of Edingley Organiser Sue Hallam and Judge Paul McPherson BVMS MRCVS
Hoveringham  Vintage Vehicle Rally  - Sunday 28th May 2017 – Report of the Dog Show which was kindly sponsored by Forrest Feeds of Edingley. The Dog Show opened with the puppy classes in which Judge Paul McPherson chose Russell Crawford’s Dachshund MAVIS as the best Pedigree puppy, while young Archie Chamberlain’s PASTY won best non-Pedigree puppy.  Labradors and Spaniels predominated in the Gundog class, and Borders and Jack Russells in the Terriers. Best Gundog was James Carney’s BELLA, Steve Rose was 2nd with TEAL and Georgie Nall 3rd with LILLY. The Best Terrier was Christopher Smith’s Jack Russell called JACK. Any Variety Pedigree was won by Alison King’s Husky STORM, and the ‘Any Variety other than Pedigree’ was won by Cathy Rogers’ Cockerpoo ELVIS.  The best Veteran dog (over 7 years) was Rachel Tyler’s Golden Retriever TILLY, which also won ‘Pride of Hoveringham’ (best dog or bitch resident of Hoveringham village). In the next two classes, judged on the condition of the dog, the best small dog (Under 18”) was Sue Coupe’s Pepper, and the best large dog (18” and Over) was Linsey Elton’s CHARLIE.  Best ‘Designer’ Dog was Hayley Smithies’ ELLA and Gemma Scott’s Beagle JUNO was best Rescue (including re-home / pre- loved) dog. In the childrens’ classes the best handler under 10 years was Seb with Labrador MABEL, and the frist 3 dogs in the best handler aged 10 years were all Labradors, the winner being Georgie Nall with LILLY. There were some good matches in the best Pair of Dogs class which was won by Andy Nichols with his smooth brindle Lurchers ROBBIE and RUBY, and the Best ‘Little and Large’ Dogs was a ‘scratch’ team of Russell Crawford’s Dachshund puppy MAVIS and Sarah Saunders’ Collie BART. One of the biggest classes of the day was ‘Best 6 Legs’, won by Chris Lambert & Sprite. Jo Fawcett showed that her Spaniel RUTH was the Dog with the Waggiest Tail, and there were some excellent entries in the ‘Best Trick’ class, where Labrador/Huskey cross CHARLIE earned Susan Elton 3rd place by holding a biscuit on his nose until permitted to eat it. Labrador LILLY’s catwalk ‘twirl’ and a roll earned 2nd place for Georgie Nall and the Winner was Michelle Halfpenny’s BERTIE for sneezing on command and giving a ‘High 5’. The afternoon became very warm by the time we got to the Fancy Dress class, and so anyone could be excused for not wishing to dress their dogs up, but the Winner was Linsey Elton’s CHARLIE dressed as Zorro. This is his favourite costume (he’s won this class before, but, ‘hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’) and it suits his handsome features perfectly.  Despite the heat there were 10 entries in the last class, for the ‘dog that the judge would most like to take home’ which was won by Christopher Smith’s Jack Russell JADE, with an Irish Terrier in 2nd place and a Spaniel 3rd. Organiser Sue Hallam offered sincere thanks to Paul McPherson, who judged solidly for 3 hours in the heat of the day and also provided the poo-bags (very important for an enjoyable show). Paul said ‘I really enjoyed myself throughout the day but I think I should have worn a hat’.  Particular thanks go, as always, to Forrest Feeds of Edingley for their kind sponsorship of the beautiful rosettes, and also to all the competitors who really entered into the spirit of the classes.
Thank you for coming to the show, we hope to see you all next year.